Monday, July 22, 2013

White is the color of the brightest light. White is the solitary cloud on a summery day. White is fresh milk or pure snow. White is the color of the daisy petal that your true love picks for thee.

For those who like the color white, a fortune cookie in a Chinese restaurant might describe your personality like this - "You are well-balanced, sensible, self-assured, discreet and wise."

Rarely is white a favorite color of choice from childhood. Rather, it is an acquired taste, something chosen upon careful reflection. White means you are neat and immaculate in the way you present yourself to the world. By definition, you are confident and self-assured, relaxed in your environment, but personally fastidious when the mood strikes.

Diane Fletcher, senior designer at Traditions Home in Wichita, says "White is right for any season, the perfect canvas to add color to as the occasion requires." Don't think you can pull off an entire  room in white? In shades of ivory, cream, eggshell, pearl, beige and taupe, white is perfect the perfect color when you add texture and shape to liven the look. An ottoman in a leopard print makes an imprint in the center of the room.

Ottoman in leopard print

The shape of the white sofa is round, complementing the ottoman, or vice versa. Nail-head trim, in both small and large nails, outlines the shape of the sofa and gives definition to the seating area. It is a place of comfort and security.

White Sofa with nail-head trim

Pillows add flair and provide an opportunity to make a bold statement. You have confidence in your choices. You have impeccably high standards and expect others to adhere to them.
Pillows add flair

Perhaps in selecting white you discover that your deepest need is to create simplicity in your life. You do not need the distraction of other colors. Or perhaps it is that white permits you to adapt to the change of seasons, mood, and time. Whatever the reason, trust in your instincts and relax in a setting of intimacy and privacy.

This room in white is by Sherrill Furniture. Traditions Home, with locations in Wichita and Overland Park, has interior designers to help you with your color of choice and hundreds of fabrics to choose from.

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