Monday, November 18, 2013

Color in Design

Color matters, a lot - depending on the individual, their background, and the place the color is to be used. But remember color is subjective. Where one person sees green, another may see blue. Then again, red may be perfectly suitble in a kitchen, but not a bedroom. Individuals react differently to color for many reasons. Sometimes this is personal preference, and other times due to cultural heritage.

Highland House
Red brings forth emotions of love, passion, and enthusiasm. It is one of the strongest colors and is often the first color we see in a melange of other colors. When overused, red can be overpowering, but in the right amount, both pleasing to look at and soothing. In Chinese culture, red symbolizes good fortune and joy, and is found everywhere during the Chinese New Year and holidays.

Candace Olson
Yellow is not for the faint of heart. A cheerful color, yellow makes us joyful and happy, like watching the rising sun each morning. But, like the sun, it can be hard on the eyes and provoke too much mental activity. Use it in a sunny room and it complements the natural sunshine. The Chinese say, "Yellow generates Yin and Yang," implying that yellow is the center of everything.

Century Furniture
Green is a refreshing color with pleasing attributes. It reminds us of nature itself. It relaxes us mentally and physically, like a walk in the park. It brings forth the emotions of peace and harmony.

Highland House
Blue, at the other end of the color spectrum, soothes and calms the emotions. It provokes peace, induces relaxation, and represents loyalty.

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