Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Design elements

el·e·ment ˈeləmənt/ noun noun: element; plural noun: elements; noun: chemical element; plural noun: chemical elements 1. a part or aspect of something abstract, esp. one that is essential or characteristic.
online dictionary

elements are the building blocks of all things in life. Whether we speak of nature, philosophy, art, engineering, or design, we speak of the elementary principles that create something pleasing and functional.

The elements of interior design can be thought of as the things that make a home, a room, or a simple setting good or bad. these elements consist of shape, size, texture, color, and direction. How these elements are combined determines the unity of the setting. A unified space is both pleasing and functional.

Shape is the external outline of something. Shape gives an object definition and boundaries. Shape may be soft and flowing, suggesting a soothing feeling; or, it may be straight and direct, establishing stability and tranquility.

Size is the relationship of one shape to that of another, as well at to the room or setting. Size gives us a sense of proportion and value to objects.


Texture is the tactile feel to an object. It is the surface quality of a shape - rough, smooth, soft or hard, glossy or flat. Texture is important because we not only see objects with our eyes, we experience the world with our sense of touch.


Color sets the mood. Color may be light or dark, bright or subdued. Color choices may be monotone or complimentary. Whatever the color choice, the selection is critical to creating a harmonious setting.


Every room, every space has direction - horizontal, vertical, or oblique. Horizontal suggests stability and tranquility. Vertical establishes balance and formality. Obliqueness suggests movement and action. The placement of objects within a room determines the movement within that space, the airiness to the setting. We can think of direction as the planning that goes into a room to make it functional.

Life is truly miraculous, and each life, each individual truly unique. We all have our own sense of style. Discovering that style takes time and reflection. Traditions Home has interior designers ready to work with you to discover your perfect room.


For those who are interested, the room above is by Century Furniture. The Coeur de France collection is an eclectic gathering of Country French designs. Literally translated as "Heart of France," Coeur de France captures the essence of Provence and Bordeaux.

Century Furniture Coeur de France, living room

Century Furniture Bordeaux bedroom
Century Furniture Bordeaux dining room